Jason Bergfeld – Jays Doors and Trim (part two)

Jay and I talk about his current business, Jays Doors, mindset, employees, future expansion, and some struggles as a businessman in part two.

In the prior episode, part one, we talk about how he got started, training, impact his father had, narrowing down his business focus and more.

Contact Jay Bergfeld via his website at: https://jaysdoors.net.

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Jason Bergfeld - Jays Doors and Trim (part two)

Jason Bergfeld – Jays Doors and Trim (part one)

Jason (Jay) Bergfeld operates Jay’s Doors & Trim out of Castle Rock, Washington.

We explore how Jay got started in woodcraft, training through the years, starting a handyman business and narrowing down his focus to Doors and Trim.

Jay had a substantial impact by his father, as his father was taking Jay along on jobs as a kid. Jay was trained initially by his father, but went on to get additional professional training via several sources.

In part Two we dig more into what Jay is doing down, mindset, books he recommends and a lot of meandering conversation.

Contact Jay Bergfeld via his website at: https://jaysdoors.net.

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Jason Bergfeld - Jays Doors and Trim (part one)

The State Of Blue Collar – EP 1

This series “The State Of Blue Collar” within the Blue Collar Voices Show is to explore the state of the Blue Collar workforce and industry.

In this first episode, I talk about the decline of Blue Collar, and the importance of Blue Collar to our survival.

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The State Of Blue Collar - EP 1

John Bruggen – Clydesdale Frames Co – (Part 2)

This is part two of the great conversation with John Bruggen. We actually get to where he cut off fingers in this episode.
He also shares some humorous times with his crew.
Listen to part one, then come back and listen to this episode. The whole conversation with John was informative and entertaining.

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John Bruggen – Clydesdale Frames Co – (Part 2)

John Bruggen – Clydesdale Frames Co – (Part 1)

John Bruggen builds Timber Frames. Located in Kansas, John has built frames in a number of states surrounding.

John Bruggen is quite the story teller, and we went so long that I broke this up into two parts. We discuss the timber framing process, the business, work life balance and the importance of safety. Yes, John cut off a few fingers.

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John Bruggen - Clydesdale Frames Co - (Part 1)

Adam Drewes – Drewes Concrete

Adam Drewes chats with John Chapman on this episode of the Blue Collar Voices Show about some of his experiences as a business owner, in the area of concrete work. Adam specializes in flat concrete, stamped concrete and dabbles in Nuclear Shelters.

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Adam Drewes - Drewes Concrete

Relaunch Aug 2022 – Blue Collar Voices

After a very, very long hiatus, the show is rolling again. The initial interruption was a move, covid, time and Internet access challenges which lead to a lull for a while, which in turn lead to a lack of priority juxtaposed with other things going on in my life. Of course, it was all MY decisions that lead to the lull.

However, I am back.

I’ve made a few minor changes to the show, formulated a game plan to promote this show, and just do a much better job. The show originally was an experiment, and I’ve realized as I continue to always evaluate my life that this show MUST, MUST, MUST be a part of my life. Otherwise, I will feel like I am not achieving a very important part of what I absolutely need to do to feel, in a word, “correct”.

I’m not sure how often an episode will come out. The frequency of shows dropping will depend significantly on the number of great candidates I find for guests, and if those candidates are up for a recording session. I have a significant list of people that have agreed to be a guest, now just need to get all these outstanding people ‘quote” on tape ‘end quote”.

To stay updated, visit bluecollarvoices.com and subscribe to the mailing list to get notified of new episodes.

I’m pretty excited to move forwards, and I am grateful to have each and every one of you that listen and share.

I welcome feedback, so please email me!

I’ve got two guests recorded at this moment, and I am of course looking for more.

The very next show is with Adam Drewes, who operates a concrete company.

The show after that is with John Van Bruggen, who operates a Timber Frame construction company.

Here is a clip from the next episode with Adam Drewes:

The Blue Collar Voices Show
Relaunch Aug 2022 - Blue Collar Voices

Chade Turner – Turner Painting

Chade Turner, who runs Turner Painting is the guest on this episode of the Blue Collar Voices show.

After talking with Chade, it is quite apparent that Gratitude, Passion, Character and Community are more important to him than anything else. At least, that is MY take.

Chade LOVES to paint, and he is very, very passionate about painting. And he is successful. And gets some really interesting projects from time to time.

Watching his work as he displays it online, it is very clear that this is a man that cares, and is METICULOUS!

Chade didn’t escape unscathed, problem free in life – he had a monkey on his back, which he has defeated.

Which also again circles back to his being grateful.

Anyone can be a painter.

Anyone can just go through life doing the minimum.

Doing it with Finesse, Skill, Passion, and a desire to make a difference?

Well, that’s Chade.

Hope you enjoy this episode, ’cause I sure enjoyed talking to him!

Check out his work:

The Blue Collar Voices Show
Chade Turner - Turner Painting

Patrick Holehan – Custom Rifles

In today’s show we are talking with Patrick Holehan.

Pat has been a practicing gunsmith for a LOOOOOONG time.

His love affair with guns started as a young child. He completed 3 years of college education in gunsmithing – 2-year standard course, 3rd year more advanced.

From there, he worked a few different jobs learning and refining – and then circumstances arose where he had to make a choice.

Pats choice? Working for himself, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The custom rifles created by Pat are from his own portfolio, with limited deviations within.

His work is not only loved because of the quality, functionality, durability, and craftsmanship – Pat creates works of art.

Pat shares knowledge and insights, and I would love to be in his shop with him showing me all of this stuff in person! Maybe someday!

In this episode, Pat and I were joined by my son, Destin. And, we started recording and just talking before the show really began. I decided it would be cool to hear a bit of that, so that is what you hear first.

Pat Holehan links:

Website: http://www.plholehancustomrifles.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/holehanpatrick/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/patrickholehan.78/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-holehan-9b846577

The Blue Collar Voices Show
Patrick Holehan - Custom Rifles

Lorraine Woodwark – Director of AUSA

Lorraine Woodwark is passionate about immigration reform, the constitution, and the rights of Americans.

Lorraine talks on the Blue Collar Voices Show to explain how Illegal “immigration” is detrimental to American workers, wages, and of course the impact on the Blue Collar workforce.

We discuss her personal experiences (Lorraine immigrated to the USA herself – legally), events she has observed, her perspective on the US Constitution, and the Constitution of each State. Lorraine is the director of “Attorneys United for a Secure America”, and is an expert in this topic of conversation.

This episode isn’t “Blue Collar” per se, but Blue Collar workers are impacted so much by illegal workers, that the information and goals undertaken by Attorney’s such as Lorraine made bringing her an easy call.

Lorraine is looking for more attorneys to help with immigration issues and defeating many issues with illegal aliens.

Lorraine can be reached at a couple of different websites:


The Blue Collar Voices Show
Lorraine Woodwark - Director of AUSA