About Me, and Blue Collar Voices

I’m John, and I am your show host.

I build websites. Write. Research. Read. Build stuff. And…

I’m many things. Just like you.

But, that wasn’t how it started.

My working career began as a laborer digging tunnels. Used air spade to cut the dirt, but it was all moved by shovel.

Hard work, without a doubt.

Later worked as a framer, roofer, even poured a little concrete.

Worked with a friend, Dan Finn, remodeling, framing & overhead doors. Dan put up with me and taught me the value of excellence. If something was supposed to be plumb, it was plumb. If you measured, and it was 3/16th, then it was 3/16th.

We once took down a wall we built because it was wrong, rebuilt it. It was close enough, probably, but not for Dan. His reputation mattered.

Thank you, Dan, for this important lesson.

I decided to get an electronics degree.

This resulted in a job as a copier tech, and my first real exposure to the corporate world.

Started a side job where I learned Linux.

I started building websites. By hand.

Fast-forward many years…

And here we are today. I love technology. I am building websites at http://dr7media.com. I also love building and making things. I’ve wanted to start a podcast for quite some time now. I had the thought originally just to just talk to people. Just interesting people from the contacts I had made on LinkedIn. But it didn’t quite fit what I was looking for.

Then, as I was mulling various ideas around, I thought about Blue Collar professions. Construction. How much I love not only doing, but seeing the work that others can do. Yes, this fit exactly. Feels right.

A little fine-tuning, and some time to get a bit organized, and here I am.

And always, always, if I can help you in any way, let me know.