How to listen to the Blue Collar Voices Show

You can listen to the Blue Collar Voices Show very easily. Here are a few ways:

  • Listen using this website.
  • Use a podcast player on your smart phone.
  • Download the episodes to a USB memory device to play on devices that will utilize them.

Listen to the Blue Collar Voices Show using this website

If you are viewing this website, you can listen to the Blue Collar Voices podcast.

At the top of this website, the menu currently shows like:

When you are ready, click or press where it says, “EPISODES” on the menu. (Don’t do it now, or else you will leave this page).

This will take you to a page with a list of the podcast episodes. Scroll if necessary to find the episode that you’d like to listen.

Click on the title for your preferred episode.

This will take you to the page specific to this episode. You can read about the podcast episode, and also listen to this particular episode.

On the episode page you will see a player, it looks like:

To play this episode, just click on the triangle inside the circle. It looks like:    .

As long as your sound works, you should hear the podcast!

You can do this for all of the episodes available.

Other listening methods

The two other methods listed – Podcast Player and USB memory device are a bit more involved. At some point, I’ll expound this page to discuss them in more detail.

Until then, hope you enjoy the show. Tell me what you think!