Lorraine Woodwark – Director of AUSA

Lorraine Woodwark is passionate about immigration reform, the constitution, and the rights of Americans.

Lorraine talks on the Blue Collar Voices Show to explain how Illegal “immigration” is detrimental to American workers, wages, and of course the impact on the Blue Collar workforce.

We discuss her personal experiences (Lorraine immigrated to the USA herself – legally), events she has observed, her perspective on the US Constitution, and the Constitution of each State. Lorraine is the director of “Attorneys United for a Secure America”, and is an expert in this topic of conversation.

This episode isn’t “Blue Collar” per se, but Blue Collar workers are impacted so much by illegal workers, that the information and goals undertaken by Attorney’s such as Lorraine made bringing her an easy call.

Lorraine is looking for more attorneys to help with immigration issues and defeating many issues with illegal aliens.

Lorraine can be reached at a couple of different websites:


The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Lorraine Woodwark - Director of AUSA