The Blue Collar Voices Show

Talking with Blue Collar Pros across the industries.

HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Gunsmithing, Woodcraft, Painting, Sheetrocking, Landscaping, Roofing, Flooring, Framing, Mining, Heavy Equipment, Steel Working, Welding, Pipefitter, and MORE.

“…it kicks. I’m not even sure what happens because it happens in a blink of an eye, but my hand rolls through that blade and I knew it got me…”

John BruggenClydesdale Frames

The Blue Collar Voices Show digs into the lives and businesses of Blue Collar Professionals.

Blue Collar workers make up the life force and sustainability of a country, a state, a city.

The Blue Collar Voices Show explores this incredible sector, showcasing individuals, and other support industries that support Blue Collar.

The position taken by The Blue Collar Show – (and myself, John Chapman) – is that this sector of business and LIFE is more important than all others.

Listen to the humble beginnings of almost every single person that this show brings on. Some have gone on to significant economic success, some just have a decent business – but all are important.

“...we actually had a thousand-year-old olive wood stump that was about six and a half feet in diameter that we slabbed up…

Nathan Brown – Old World Timber

Where to listen?

The Blue Collar Voices Show is on all the major podcast feeds. Using your favorite podcast app, just search, “Blue Collar Voices”.

If you’d rather listen from this website, you can do that, too!

Just visit:

“...I don’t deal in close, I deal in perfect. You want this color that’s the color I make for you. But my color you see right through it…

Robert Chickey – Bespoke Finish

Be a guest!

Are you a good fit for the Blue Collar Voices Show?

Maybe you are!!

If you have been in the industry for (example), 5 years, and before that you did something unrelated, you might be a great fit for the quick and short interview series.

If you have a long career, perhaps you started a business, and time has passed, you might be a great candidate for the long form show.

There are many stories of Blue Collar lives. Some spanning 40, 50 even 60 years. Others stories are shorter, closer to the beginning of the Blue Collar journey.

I enjoy the emails I get and talking to more people than actually even want to do a podcast.

However, interested in being on the podcast?

Learn more, and sign up at:

“...but when they leave my company they’re going to be better human beings than when they started in our company and that’s really important to us…

Melvin Baird – A Better Crawl

History of the Blue Collar Voices Show

Blue Collar Voices was started in 2018, in November. The show and technology was figured out on the fly, and I’ve learned a lot about recording and editing, the equipment has been upgraded, and there have been serious interruptions as life happened and there were challenges.

“ we are just kind of creating a community for roofers and clients to come together where they know that they can trust each other, and that’s huge in an ever-changing market…

Matt Radford – Roofr

Future for the Blue Collar Voices Show

Up to this point, all the episodes recorded have been long form. Moving forward, there will several types of shows/recordings.

Standard will still be the long form.

Quick recordings with guests that can being value and something interesting that might not warrant a full show – might be a show featuring 4 or 5 suchs guests (for example).

Various topical shows, that will be much shorter, covering various aspects that impact Blue Collar. This can range from economy, to skilled worker shortages, costs, government impact, etc.

“ go through 12 years worth of schooling by the time you graduate high school, and probably the one thing that they don’t teach is money or how to make it or what to do with it after you got it. And by the way, don’t spend it on dumb stuff.….

Chris Crawford – Spring A/C


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I’m glad you are here. I hope you enjoy the show!