Chade Turner – Turner Painting

Chade Turner, who runs Turner Painting is the guest on this episode of the Blue Collar Voices show.

After talking with Chade, it is quite apparent that Gratitude, Passion, Character and Community are more important to him than anything else. At least, that is MY take.

Chade LOVES to paint, and he is very, very passionate about painting. And he is successful. And gets some really interesting projects from time to time.

Watching his work as he displays it online, it is very clear that this is a man that cares, and is METICULOUS!

Chade didn’t escape unscathed, problem free in life – he had a monkey on his back, which he has defeated.

Which also again circles back to his being grateful.

Anyone can be a painter.

Anyone can just go through life doing the minimum.

Doing it with Finesse, Skill, Passion, and a desire to make a difference?

Well, that’s Chade.

Hope you enjoy this episode, ’cause I sure enjoyed talking to him!

Check out his work:
The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Chade Turner - Turner Painting