Blue Collar Voices – Road Trips

FIRST Road Trip! Drove from Texas (via Kentucky and Oklahoma to see my brothers), then my first stop was in Iowa.

In Iowa, October 5, 2020, I met in person Marc LeConte. Marc was previously on my podcast, a straight up rad dude, and I spent a couple days on the job with him, his son and a couple of other guys. I worked, took a lot of video, flew my drone, and just chatted. Already, I was happy to have made the drive.

I took a few days, no need to rush, stayed overnight and camped at a few places.

My next destination was Brainerd, Minnesota. I swung into the Gull Lake Glass parking lot October the 8th, and popped inside. I was greeted by Nathan Tuomi, and he was very, very welcoming. I spent a few days where I shadowed on a door removal and installation, Nathan showed me a few sites, including where he is building a golf course, I spent part of a day with Alan, and lastly worked on my van. Nathan, too, was a guest on the Blue Collar Voices podcast.

My next visit was with Robert Chickey. This meeting almost didn’t happen because of scheduling, but we managed to synch up time for lunch in between the days Robert was traveling. I got to spend about an hour and a half with Robert, and he has some amazing things happening in his life!

Call this the first leg of many road trips. Some might be local, some might be short – and if it all worked out, I’d travel to Alaska!!!

Where all would I go? Well, All over the USA, and even Canada.

I am building up destination points all over the USA and Canada to visit. It might be just a drive by where I meet, shake hands, take a picture or two, and then mosey along. Some destinations will be in person podcasts, video, ride alongs, who knows?

I am open to adventure!

I’ll be traveling on the highways, documenting my journey, running a daily blog, sharing both the sights and sounds ALONG the trip, not only the destination points.


Phase One is to build up destination points. Here is where I need your help. If you ARE someone, or you KNOW someone, connect with me, or help me connect with them.

What I am looking for:

Blue Collar Pros that have excelled.

I’ll share some examples just to give you an idea.

Example 1) You run your own HVAC business, but you started as a tech, worked your way up to launching your own business. One truck or 100, it is all good.
Example 2) You run your own shop, crafting, perhaps even forging iron and steel.
Example 3) You run a diesel mechanic shop, working on whatever your specialty is. Could be Semi’s, could be Heavy Equipment, whatever.
Example 4) You’ve built your ranch. You could be located in the outback of Montana, or have a city crowding you.
Example 5) You drydock boats, clean them and paint them. Could be in Alaska, could be in Florida.
Example 6) You carve handcrafted wood pieces – perhaps with fine detail, maybe it is with a chainsaw.


NO! But it does have to present something interesting, and worthwhile to listeners and watchers.

You might be a guy that has been showing up, framing houses for 30 years, but all you do is just show up and frame. I respect your work ethic, but the story doesn’t have a lot of meat to it.

Check out the page where I will be adding locations. As far north as Alaska, Canada, Nova Scotia, Washington State, Florida, Maine…. ALL OVER!
I’ll be updating this, and if YOU would like to be a destination point – SHOUT AT ME!!

In the map below, so far I have:
Empire Line Locating
Gull Lake Glass/Little Falls Glass (visited)
Spring Branch A/C
Hayden Steel
Rouster Lifting & Rigging
I’ll be updating soon.