Chade Turner – Turner Painting – Episode 027

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Chade Turner - Turner Painting - Episode 027

Chade Turner, who runs Turner Painting is the guest on this episode of the Blue Collar Voices show.

After talking with Chade, it is quite apparent that Gratitude, Passion, Character and Community are more important to him than anything else. At least, that is MY take.

Chade LOVES to paint, and he is very, very passionate about painting. And he is successful. And gets some really interesting projects from time to time.

Watching his work as he displays it online, it is very clear that this is a man that cares, and is METICULOUS!

Chade didn’t escape unscathed, problem free in life – he had a monkey on his back, which he has defeated.

Which also again circles back to his being grateful.

Anyone can be a painter.

Anyone can just go through life doing the minimum.

Doing it with Finesse, Skill, Passion, and a desire to make a difference?

Well, that’s Chade.

Hope you enjoy this episode, ’cause I sure enjoyed talking to him!

Check out his work:

Patrick Holehan – Custom Rifles – Episode 26

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Patrick Holehan - Custom Rifles - Episode 26

Welcome to the Blue Collar Voices show!

In today’s show we are talking with Patrick Holehan.

Pat has been a practicing gunsmith for LOOOOOONG time.

His love affair with guns started as a young child. He completed 3 years of college education in gunsmithing – 2-year standard course, 3rd year more advanced.

From there, he worked a few different jobs learning and refining – and then circumstances arose where he had to make a choice.

Pats choice? Working for himself, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The custom rifles created by Pat are from his own portfolio, with limited deviations within.

His work is not only loved because of the quality, functionality, durability, and craftsmanship – Pat creates works of art.

Pat shares knowledge and insights, and I would love to be in his shop with him showing me all of this stuff in person! Maybe someday!

In this episode, Pat and I were joined by my son, Destin. And, we started recording and just talking before the show really began. I decided it would be cool to hear a bit of that, so that is what you hear first.

Pat Holehan links:


Lorraine Woodwark – Director of AUSA – Episode 25

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Lorraine Woodwark - Director of AUSA - Episode 25

Lorraine Woodwark is passionate about immigration reform, the constitution, and the rights of Americans.

Lorraine talks on the Blue Collar Voices Show to explain how Illegal “immigration” is detrimental to American workers, wages, and of course the impact on the Blue Collar workforce.

We discuss her personal experiences (Lorraine immigrated to the USA herself – legally), events she has observed, her perspective on the US Constitution, and the Constitution of each State. Lorraine is the director of “Attorneys United for a Secure America”, and is an expert in this topic of conversation.

This episode isn’t “Blue Collar” per se, but Blue Collar workers are impacted so much by illegal workers, that the information and goals undertaken by Attorney’s such as Lorraine made bringing her an easy call.

Lorraine is looking for more attorneys to help with immigration issues and defeating many issues with illegal aliens.

Lorraine can be reached at a couple of different websites:

Zdenek Ulman – Marine Diving Service – 024

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Zdenek Ulman - Marine Diving Service - 024

Zdenek Ulman is a diver. He runs a successful diving business up in New York City area. Before that, he started and ran a successful construction company. Before THAT, he didn’t even live here in the US. He came to visit only, and then spent 15 years as an illegal alien – while starting and running a successful construction company.

Zdenek is a great example of Blue Collar success. Tenacity. Hard work. Craftsmanship. Job Quality. Pushing your body to perform.

In this episode, Z (that’s his nickname) talks about coming to America, starting a business (then a second, then a third business), LEARNING ENGLISH, getting out of his comfort zone to start his painting company and facing challenges head-on.

We learn how to properly pronounce his name, and some interesting stories from both his construction days, and as a diver.

Z has future plans as well.

Fascinating story, and I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I did.

Connect to Zdenek:

LinkedIn Profile:

LinkedIn Company Page:

Website:  – You can find pictures, videos, links to social media, etc.

Additional Notes:

Zdenek sent a few things to me, to share here.

First, a memory card with pictures to use for the YouTube vide.

Second, two issues of “Boating On the Hudson & Beyond” for which he writes articles.

Third, a genuine “Marine Diving Service” T-shirt!


This story in the image below is the one mentioned on the podcast.

And the T-Shirt Zdenek sent me:

Matt Radford – Husband, Father, Roofing Consultant – 023

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Matt Radford - Husband, Father, Roofing Consultant - 023

Matt Radford is a roofer. He’s worked as a roofer, he’s owned his own business as a roofer, and now he is a roofing consultant.

He like many of us, has had challenges and been beat around a bit by life. But he kept getting back up.

Matt started out stacking the refuse in the dumpster on the jobsite, and has worked hard ever since.

Matt and I connected on LinkedIn, I really don’t remember how right now, but he messaged me about being on the podcast. After vetting him, he seemed like a good fit for the show.

We had a nice hour recording. We cut up a little, and I deleted a few things where our honesty would just be too much for the sensitive types. 🙂

Hope you like this show!



Connect to Matt:




Steve Pellegrino – Pellegrino Cutlery – 022

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Steve Pellegrino - Pellegrino Cutlery - 022

Steve Pellegrino is a knifemaker.

His skill set is way more diverse, but he is definitely a consummate, and passionate, knife maker.

His specialty is Cutlery, which is being used by homemakers to Gourmet Chefs.

I was searching online specifically for Knife Makers, and I came across Steve. I messaged Steve, and he was absolutely up for being on the Blue Collar Voices show.

Steve works out of a shop in Pennsylvania, always working to improve the quality of his knives and expand his knowledge of his craft.

We talked a bit about how he got started, what he does now, and where he wants to go.

He wants to make knives for the rest of his life, expanding his production capacity – and not sacrifice a bit of quality.

After we concluded the interview, I spent some time on Steves website and Instagram. He has some great work displayed.

I really appreciate the work ethic that Steve holds sacred and his passion for his work.

You’ll enjoy this interview – I guarantee!

Connect with Steve at:

Instagram: @pellegrino_cutlery

Peter Erdei – Erdei Designs – 021

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Peter Erdei - Erdei Designs - 021

Peter Erdei builds high-quality custom pieces. And of those pieces, many of them are very high end, unique and stunning tables.

As is most destinations in life, Peter arrived at this one after experiencing many different things in life.

We talk about some of those experiences on the show.

Matter of fact, we talk about a lot of things. I talk with Peter about the long hours he puts in, how his business actually got started (a little urgency!!), getting traction to start his business, learning more about the craft of finishing, and more in-depth knowledge about wood.

We talk about constantly learning, learning from even apprentices.

We talk about where his best employees come from.

We talk about his approach to designing a table, matching design to a customer’s visual preference and usage.

Peter tells you and me about his second business – creating slabs from trees (carefully selecting just the right wood).

One of the things that come across to me is that Peter takes the finishing of the wood very seriously. He approaches this aspect with patience and fastidiousness. He is not willing to rush this aspect and builds up a multi-layered finish with multiple components.

Hang on a second, did he just say, “Walrus Oil”?

Peter wants his pieces, his tables, to be more than just something functional – he has a strong concern for creating a great environment for his customers with his work.

I asked Peter to talk about his future business goals. One of them? “To be one of the best shops in the world that creates custom pieces.”

Peter is building an apprenticeship program that includes everything from sweeping the floors to an entire shop process for getting a product out the door – including packing it.

Peter has a couple of young kids, he brings them to the shop, they like to make things.

What is something Peter thinks you should do? Choose your own destiny!

I was curious about what impact the Internet and social media had on growing his business – Peter doesn’t hesitate to talk about effect these have had on his company growth.

I absolutely recommend checking out his Instagram account. HOLY CRAP there are some amazing projects on there!



The book that Peter uses as his guide when it comes to finishing:

Understanding Wood Finishing: How to Select and Apply the Right Finish – by Bob Flexner

(Amazon Link CLICK HERE if you want.)




Rich Bradbury – Double Oarlock LLC – 020

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Rich Bradbury - Double Oarlock LLC - 020

Rich Bradbury started as a rancher as a kid, worked in the Oil Fields in technical roles, worked on a ranch in Russia, and is back where he started, ranching in Oregon.

His overall strategy involves adding leased land, managing, raising cattle on his ranch and with a group to produce high-quality beef, AND he is a teacher.

To top it all off, he is Dyslexic.

In this podcast, we talk about it all. Dyslexia, ranching, soil, the impact of urban sprawl on the land, the importance of the land to society, regeneration of soil, education… and I’m sure there is more. 🙂

Rich is technically able to solve problems be it out in the Oilfield, or a field where he is running cattle.

A couple of notable projects are Field 55, and the old bunkhouse.

Field 55 is 140 acres or more and has had issues for a long, long time. Experimenting, testing, measuring results is getting this field to produce more. We talk about this a bit on the podcast.

Also on the property is an old bunkhouse, which is being modified to eventually serve as lodging for guests that would like to have a unique experience, a bit different than just any old place.

We also talk at length about Dyslexia – and the impact both positive and negative. Some interesting thoughts you will likely find interesting.

Rich is pretty approachable, and here is how to get in touch with him and/or learn more:


Looking for some of that delicious high-quality beef? Check out: Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef.


UPDATE 1-30-2021

Rich called me yesterday, just to catch up. In our conversation, he mentioned being on some other podasts. I asked him for a list, so I can add them here. But ADDITIONALLY, Rich has started his OWN podcast (with a small group).

Rich’s Podcast is called “Far Reaches”, it was started March 2020, and they as of Jan 22, 2020 have put out 30 episodes!

Check it out at: Far Reaches

OTHER PODCASTS Rich has been on:

The Business of Agriculture: 115 – Grass Fed Beef – with Rich Bradbury

Big Food Big Future – Note, as of 1-3-2020, Season Two with Rich hasn’t been released.

Marc LeConte – High Quality Home Maintenance – 019

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Marc LeConte - High Quality Home Maintenance - 019

Marc LeConte is the owner and operator of High Quality Home Maintenance located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Clocking in over 20 years in business, not counting the years spent building up the client list before officially launching – Marc has built relationships with his customers and a reputation that keeps him as busy as he wants to be.

Maintenance and repair, if done properly, require adept and accurate problem-solving skills. Marc started developing this skill as a young lad, along with the skills to implement. After a stint in the Navy where Marc learned more skills, all of this culminated in serving the community with, you know, high quality home maintenance.

I connected with Marc on LinkedIn. Subsequently, when I started Blue Collar Voices, I asked Marc to be on the podcast. He fits the ethos of the type of  Blue Collar pro that I’m looking to speak with.

We had a great conversation – even a good time!

We have a meandering conversation, which is what I prefer. Just a relaxed conversation where we dig in.

Let me know what you think! Contact me at:

If you’d like to contact Marc, here are his connection points:



Phone: 319-721-1859


Trent Hendricks – Cabriejo Ranch – 018

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Trent Hendricks - Cabriejo Ranch - 018

Trent Hendricks is owner/operator of Cabriejo Ranch which he runs with his wife and a whole passel of kids (you won’t believe how many!). They raise grassfed cattle and sheep in more than just a sustainable manner, but in a Holistically Managed Regenerative model.

Trent has a huge focus on “Regeneration” which seems to be at the core of everything he does. We definitely discuss the topic of “Regeneration” throughout this recording, including what exactly this means in practice.

Trent is Vice President on the Board of Directors for the AMERICAN GRASSFED ASSOCIATION. As part of the AGA he is also involved with the BUSINESS & FINANCE committee, GRASSFED STANDARDS AND CERTIFICATION COMMITTEE, and the Marketing Committee.

Trent has experience as a cheesemaker, works with horses, raises AKC Anatolian Shepherds, and has the mindset to constantly learn.

Trent endeavors to apply smart scientific principles to improve the soil, increase performance, increase biodiversity, water retention and much more.

We delve into a bit about the politics of food, land, life, and more.

Of particular note is the work Trent is doing to graze land used for Solar Farming. Instead of the land being subjected to chemicals and mowing equipment, the soil is being improved and the animals are being fed. Definitely a win/win.

Trent was very informative, emphatic at times, and this was a fun meandering conversation.