Chris Guidry – Google Adwords Expert – 011

Chris Guidry is a Google Adwords expert. He can train you to run successful Adwords campaigns to get your phone ringing, and traffic to your website. Doesn’t matter what trade or profession, the approach makes the difference. Listen to Chris talk about Adwords, and how it can help you, on this episode.

Looking for Craftsmen – Blue Collar Voices – 009

  February 7, 2019  This was a really quick episode. A monologue. Simply a callout out for Craftsmen to interview. Had been a few weeks since my last episode, as I’d been working on a project.   TRANSCRIPT: Hello guys, and welcome to the Blue Collar Voices show. It’s been a few weeks since my … Read more

Robert Chickey – Wood Finish Consultant – 008

January 18, 2019 Robert Chickey is a wood finishing expert. Not your typical expert, either. Roberts’ specialty is solving seemingly impossible wood finishing issues. But. With a twist. Robert Chickey is a student of wood finishing from not only today but all the way back 300+ years ago. Robert knows how to duplicate the finishing … Read more

Justin Yoke – Lifting Specialist – 007

January 4, 2019 Justin Yoke gets into all kinds of interesting places. Down into a coal mine, on a river, in a manufacturing facility – you never know where. Justin is a lifting specialist who really gets a first-hand look at the problem(s) his customers are trying to solve.   On this episode, I talk … Read more

Michael Paterno – Paterno Transport – 006

Dec 31, 2018 I talk with Michael Paterno on this episode of the Blue Collar Voices show. Michael is currently an owner/operator running a Hot Shot transport service using an F350 and trailer. However, he has spent years driving full-size Semi trucks. The Hot Shot business is a little different, but there are quite a … Read more

Tim Spurlock – American Diesel Training Centers – 005

AMERICAN DIESEL TRAINING CENTERS Dec 21, 2018 Timothy Spurlock is the president and co-founder of American Diesel Training Centers. His co-founder is Chris Ellis, Chief Operating Officer. On this episode, Tim shares with me so much freakin’ goodness. We talk about how he came to launch the diesel training centers, success, what the state of … Read more

Nathan Tuomi – President of Gull Lake Glass – 003

Dec 4, 2018 I talk with Nathan Tuomi (pronounced: Too Me) in this episode of the Blue Collar Voices show. Nathan has ran his own business FOREVER. Well, how about 34 years or so. We talk about what it takes to stay in business, the importance of college, the economy – and touch briefly on … Read more

Jacob Guttman CEO of Nail It Handyman – 002

I talk with Jacob Guttman, CEO of Nail It Handyman in the second episode of the Blue Collar Voices Show. Jacob has a serious entrepreneurial perspective which has resulted in excellent business growth. We talk mostly about business, marketing, and mindset. This impacts how businesses grow and thrive. The marketing perspective Jacob shared from his … Read more