Melvin Baird – A Better Crawl – Part 1

Melvin Baird owns and operates “A Better Crawl” across the sound from Seattle.

This was an enjoyable discussion as Melvin explained about what he does as a company, how he got started, and as always – challenges and successes.

In order to serve customers well, parameters of soil types, venting, grade, humidity (and more) are all necessary to reach the desired goal.
Melvin is more than knowledgeable and capable of understanding the problem(s), and the necessary steps to resolve.

After working for a company, and in short order becoming ranked highly – Melvin decided to launch his own company. Which was up and running in a few days, and had customers right away.

Melvin tells a few stories. That time he got stuck. There was the rat. And a few more.

As crawlspace work is a significant portion of the jobs undertaken, getting dirty comes with the territory.

I hope you enjoy this conversation.

Note: This recording is divided up into two parts, so don’t miss the other half! Click HERE for part two.

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The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Melvin Baird - A Better Crawl - Part 1