Brendan Vande Kamp – Log to Lumber – Part 1

Log To Lumber is a business owned and operated by Brendan Vande Kamp. The two main services are milling lumber, and building log cabins.

Brendan travels a very wide area to mill lumber, and is based out of Virginia. Likewise, the travel to assemble/build the cabins are also dependent on the project.

I met Brendan on Facebook, and I’ve been following him for quite some time. It wasn’t until recently that I realized he also builds cabins, and is full time.

So, I contacted Brendan and he was on board!

Talking with Brendan I learned a lot about what he does, his approach to business, goals for his business and his experiences growing up in the farm life. Yeah, he’s worked hard.

As I prefer with all guests on the show, this was a meandering conversation.

Also, he recorded while on the road, pulled over sitting in a gas station for the duration. I recorded on a very hot day, with windows open.

So, sound quality was a bit of a challenge.

We had a really great conversation, and it lasted so long, I had to break this up into part 1, and part 2.

Enjoy part one. Part two is here: Log to Lumber – Brendan Vande Kamp – Part 2.

Transcript of part one here: Log To Lumber – Part One – Transcript

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The Blue Collar Voices Show
Brendan Vande Kamp - Log to Lumber - Part 1