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Melvin Baird – A Better Crawl – Part Two

This is part two with Melvin Baird, with A Better Crawl.The excellent conversation with Melvin continues, with discussion of Orca's, business motivation, building his new home, and other things that just make a conversation great as you delve into the mind of someone who has built a successful business.Don't forget to check out Part One! Find A Better Crawl online at: View Episode Page

Melvin Baird – A Better Crawl – Part 1

Melvin Baird owns and operates "A Better Crawl" across the sound from Seattle.This was an enjoyable discussion as Melvin explained about what he does as a company, how he got started, and as always - challenges and successes. In order to serve customers well, parameters of soil types, venting, grade, humidity (and more) are all necessary to reach the desired goal.Melvin is more than knowledgeable and capable of understanding the problem(s), and the necessary steps to resolve. After working for a company, and in short order becoming ranked highly - Melvin decided to launch his own company. Which was up… View Episode Page

Billy Cline – Your New Door – Part 3

Part Three of this interview with Billy Cline was absolutely ending on a high note. Billy has struggled, and is now reaping the rewards of hard work, AND more importantly the changing mind set - along with mentorship.Already a successful company, Billy is in the process of expanding to new markets inside Texas, and eyeballing a few markets outside Texas. Listen to Billy explain more in this podcast.Click HERE for part one. Click HERE for part two. Your New Door website address is: View Episode Page

Billy Cline – Your New Door – Part 2

We continue with Billy Cline in part two (of three). Billy talks about growing his business by listening to podcasts, and mentorships. He has formed strong relationships with movers and shakers in the construction world, and has found that listening to those that have succeeded before him has helped dramatically. Billy also cares greatly about his employees, and does what he can to assist them in many ways. I enjoyed listening to Billy when we did the show - and I also enjoyed it as I edited the audio for production. You will enjoy this episode.Click HERE for part one.… View Episode Page

Billy Cline – Your New Door – Part 1

Billy Cline runs a successful door installation and repair company located in the Dallas, Texas area. Billy has had serious struggles growing his business, and had to make hard decisions. Today, his business is growing, and some unique expansion is in process. Sharing experiences both good and challenging, tales from the very beginning, Billy provides a lot of insight and is very conversational. This is part one of the conversation. Click HERE for part two, click HERE for part three. Your New Door website: View Episode Page

Brendan Vande Kamp – Log to Lumber – Part 2

The conversation with Brendan Vande Kamp continues in part two. Brendan runs a sawmill, builds log cabins, and does a few other things associated. Brendan is diligently marketing his company, growing his influence, exerting excellence upon his endeavors. Don't forget, this is part two, so listen to part one first! View Episode Page

Brendan Vande Kamp – Log to Lumber – Part 1

Log To Lumber is a business owned and operated by Brendan Vande Kamp. The two main services are milling lumber, and building log cabins.Brendan travels a very wide area to mill lumber, and is based out of Virginia. Likewise, the travel to assemble/build the cabins are also dependent on the project. I met Brendan on Facebook, and I've been following him for quite some time. It wasn't until recently that I realized he also builds cabins, and is full time. So, I contacted Brendan and he was on board! Talking with Brendan I learned a lot about what he does,… View Episode Page

Jason Bergfeld – Jays Doors and Trim (part two)

Jay and I talk about his current business, Jays Doors, mindset, employees, future expansion, and some struggles as a businessman in part two. In the prior episode, part one, we talk about how he got started, training, impact his father had, narrowing down his business focus and more. Contact Jay Bergfeld via his website at: Share this episode, part 1 with Jay, with this easy shortlink: View Episode Page

Jason Bergfeld – Jays Doors and Trim (part one)

Jason (Jay) Bergfeld operates Jay's Doors & Trim out of Castle Rock, Washington. We explore how Jay got started in woodcraft, training through the years, starting a handyman business and narrowing down his focus to Doors and Trim. Jay had a substantial impact by his father, as his father was taking Jay along on jobs as a kid. Jay was trained initially by his father, but went on to get additional professional training via several sources. In part Two we dig more into what Jay is doing down, mindset, books he recommends and a lot of meandering conversation. Contact Jay… View Episode Page

The State Of Blue Collar – EP 1

This series "The State Of Blue Collar" within the Blue Collar Voices Show is to explore the state of the Blue Collar workforce and industry.In this first episode, I talk about the decline of Blue Collar, and the importance of Blue Collar to our survival. View Episode Page