Zdenek Ulman – Marine Diving Service

Zdenek Ulman is a diver. He runs a successful diving business up in New York City area. Before that, he started and ran a successful construction company. Before THAT, he didn’t even live here in the US. He came to visit only, and then spent 15 years as an illegal alien – while starting and running a successful construction company.

Zdenek is a great example of Blue Collar success. Tenacity. Hard work. Craftsmanship. Job Quality. Pushing your body to perform.

In this episode, Z (that’s his nickname) talks about coming to America, starting a business (then a second, then a third business), LEARNING ENGLISH, getting out of his comfort zone to start his painting company and facing challenges head-on.

We learn how to properly pronounce his name, and some interesting stories from both his construction days, and as a diver.

Z has future plans as well.

Fascinating story, and I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I did.

Connect to Zdenek:

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zdenek-ulman-0a997233/

LinkedIn Company Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/marine-diving-service/

Website: https://www.marinedivingservice.com/  – You can find pictures, videos, links to social media, etc.

Additional Notes:

Zdenek sent a few things to me, to share here.

First, a memory card with pictures to use for the YouTube vide.

Second, two issues of “Boating On the Hudson & Beyond” for which he writes articles.

Third, a genuine “Marine Diving Service” T-shirt!

This story in the image below is the one mentioned on the podcast.

And the T-Shirt Zdenek sent me:

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The Blue Collar Voices Show
Zdenek Ulman - Marine Diving Service