Three Recommended Podcasts

Hey Guys, today, I have three podcasts to recommend for you, that I think are informative, entertaining, and are just “well worth” the listen. And of course, check the show notes for links to these podcasts. These are also Blue Collar podcasts, and I definitely enjoy them – I’m betting that you will as well.

The first one is: “The Roofer Show” with Dave Sullivan.

Of the three I am listing today, Dave’s show is the one I subscribed to first, and quite some time ago. I don’t listen to every single episode, but the ones that are relevant to me, or just seem interesting, are always great. Dave has lots of great guests, who bring specific and worthy knowledge. His focus is to improve your business, but more specifically your roofing business. HOWEVER, so much of the information he provides is greater than roofing, greater than contracting, greater than Blue Collar. It is about not always the specifics to Roofing, but so much of the time transcends into business in general. I learn, EVERY SINGLE TIME I listen!

The Second podcast I recommend is “The Tim Faller Show“. I only recently found this podcast, but it is certainly entertaining. The focus is mostly remodeling and touches on how contractors operate. A few of the notable episodes I really enjoyed are:

Episode 61 – Tim talks to David Gerstel who has been in the construction business for over 50 years. They talk a little about the changes in the industry, a little reminiscing, the labor shortage, technology – a really fun episode.
Episode 44 – I was pretty stoked about this episode. Guest Kevin O’Connor from “This Old House” came on and they talked a lot about the show. Those characters on “This Old House”? STILL KICKING IT!!! This episode went by way too quickly. If you like “This Old House”, you will like this episode.
Episode 54 – This episode on “The Time Faller Show” talked about the labor shortage, and keeping Long-Term employees. Certainly an awesome episode.

I’ll be listening to more of the old episodes as I have time. Lately, though, I have been listening to my third Blue Collar podcast recommendation.

SO, my third podcast recommendation is absolutely fantastic. The name is, “Blue-Collar Leadership“, by Mack Story. I found this podcast simply by happenstance, as I was searching podcasts with the search time “Blue Collar”. I subscribed to this podcast and did not listen for months and months. One day back a couple of weeks, I was driving down the road, and debating what podcast to listen to next. (I listen to a LOT of podcasts). So, I selected the most recent at the time (Episode 137, 8-9-19, “Make it happen: Leaders get results, managers plan to get results”.

I was absolutely blown away by the quality, aspect and the content.

Side note: Mack Story claims to speak two languages. English and Country. He is absolutely correct on both counts. The man is COUNTRY!! 🙂

SO, I decided to start from the beginning. I absolutely guarantee that this podcast is worth your time. The perspective on leadership, but more narrowed down to Blue Collar leadership is spot on. There is all kinds of other goodness in every episode as well. Mack talks about his story and journey and has moved from just a worker bee to a speaker, trainer, educator, motivator.

Mack talks about how to influence people, how to get ahead at work, how to improve yourself – all the while showing respect, dedication and support for the Blue Collar ethos.

His tag line which is pretty cool is, “Make it happen or someone else will. It might as well be YOU!”

He has also written a bunch of books on various sub-categories, and also is sharing some really cool guests.

I’m absolutely certain you will enjoy and relish this podcast. After all, although most of his podcasts are very short, in just a few weeks I’m now on episode 122.

I could go on and on, but you will need to discover all of this yourself.

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Three Recommended Podcasts