Steve Pellegrino – Pellegrino Cutlery

Steve Pellegrino is a knifemaker.

His skill set is way more diverse, but he is definitely a consummate, and passionate, knife maker.

His specialty is Cutlery, which is being used by homemakers to Gourmet Chefs.

I was searching online specifically for Knife Makers, and I came across Steve. I messaged Steve, and he was absolutely up for being on the Blue Collar Voices show.

Steve works out of a shop in Pennsylvania, always working to improve the quality of his knives and expand his knowledge of his craft.

We talked a bit about how he got started, what he does now, and where he wants to go.

He wants to make knives for the rest of his life, expanding his production capacity – and not sacrifice a bit of quality.

After we concluded the interview, I spent some time on Steves website and Instagram. He has some great work displayed.

I really appreciate the work ethic that Steve holds sacred and his passion for his work.

You’ll enjoy this interview – I guarantee!

Connect with Steve at:

Instagram: @pellegrino_cutlery

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Steve Pellegrino - Pellegrino Cutlery