Robert Chickey – Wood Finish Consultant – Part 1

Robert Chickey is a wood finishing expert. Not your typical expert, either. Roberts’ specialty is solving seemingly impossible wood finishing issues.

But. With a twist.

Robert Chickey is a student of wood finishing from not only today but all the way back 300+ years ago.

Robert knows how to duplicate the finishing effects the way they were done historically, with organic methods. And he has invented a few along the way.

A common theme in our talk is “Reactive Color”.

Oh, he is an expert in wood, too!

Like every single guest I’ve spoken with so far, I met Robert on LinkedIn. We were already connected, and I sent him a request. He was immediately interested. We chatted a bit, and it was a GO.

This episode is by far the longest. The time seemed to fly, which is always a great sign. We talked about wood finishing, how Robert got into this particular niche.

We discussed the efforts required to ascertain this knowledge. We even got into personal rules for life.

The amount of knowledge that Robert has on this topic is extensive.

Hearing about it, and his path of discovery was very enjoyable.

I’m betting you will, too.

Click. Listen. Make your day better!


This picture represents a project for a church built in 1888 where the carving and surrounding woodwork was damaged. The carving repair was spliced in and we had to restore the adjoining edge and seamlessly blend the new woodwork into the existing.

This is an example of Robert Chickeys’ “reactive finish”. Totally Black but transparent.


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The Blue Collar Voices Show
Robert Chickey - Wood Finish Consultant - Part 1