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Rich Bradbury started as a rancher as a kid, worked in the Oil Fields in technical roles, worked on a ranch in Russia, and is back where he started, ranching in Oregon.

His overall strategy involves adding leased land, managing, raising cattle on his ranch and with a group to produce high-quality beef, AND he is a teacher.

To top it all off, he is Dyslexic.

In this podcast, we talk about it all. Dyslexia, ranching, soil, the impact of urban sprawl on the land, the importance of the land to society, regeneration of soil, education… and I’m sure there is more. 🙂

Rich is technically able to solve problems be it out in the Oilfield, or a field where he is running cattle.

A couple of notable projects are Field 55, and the old bunkhouse.

Field 55 is 140 acres or more and has had issues for a long, long time. Experimenting, testing, measuring results is getting this field to produce more. We talk about this a bit on the podcast.

Also on the property is an old bunkhouse, which is being modified to eventually serve as lodging for guests that would like to have a unique experience, a bit different than just any old place.

We also talk at length about Dyslexia – and the impact both positive and negative. Some interesting thoughts you will likely find interesting.

Rich is pretty approachable, and here is how to get in touch with him and/or learn more:



Looking for some of that delicious high-quality beef? Check out: Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef.

UPDATE 1-30-2021

Rich called me yesterday, just to catch up. In our conversation, he mentioned being on some other podasts. I asked him for a list, so I can add them here. But ADDITIONALLY, Rich has started his OWN podcast (with a small group).

Rich’s Podcast is called “Far Reaches”, it was started March 2020, and they as of Jan 22, 2020 have put out 30 episodes!

Check it out at: Far Reaches

OTHER PODCASTS Rich has been on:

The Business of Agriculture: 115 – Grass Fed Beef – with Rich Bradbury

Big Food Big Future – Note, as of 1-3-2020, Season Two with Rich hasn’t been released.

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Rich Bradbury - Double Oarlock LLC