Matt Radford – Husband, Father, Roofing Consultant

Matt Radford is a roofer. He’s worked as a roofer, he’s owned his own business as a roofer, and now he is a roofing consultant.

He like many of us, has had challenges and been beat around a bit by life. But he kept getting back up.

Matt started out stacking the refuse in the dumpster on the jobsite, and has worked hard ever since.

Matt and I connected on LinkedIn, I really don’t remember how right now, but he messaged me about being on the podcast. After vetting him, he seemed like a good fit for the show.

We had a nice hour recording. We cut up a little, and I deleted a few things where our honesty would just be too much for the sensitive types. 🙂

Hope you like this show!

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Matt Radford - Husband, Father, Roofing Consultant