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Manny Pasillas is a CNC Service Engineering Consultant, and doing so as owner and operator of Tech CNC.

Services offered are: Certified: CNC Service and Repair, On-Site Contract, Process Engineering Improvement Consulting, Spindle Rebuilds, Regional or World Wide Company Relocation Specialist, Company Restructuring Consultant and Sales.

Manny messaged me on LinkedIn about being a guest on Blue Collar Voices. We subsequently chatted briefly over the phone. I found him to be a great candidate for the show, with an excellent story – and fits the Blue Collar ethos very well.

During the recording of the show, I got to learn about what Manny does, I learned his back story of how he got involved with CNC machines – and he talked a bit about managing a LOT of CNC Machines overseas.

The philosophy that Manny has is one of very hard work, honesty, and trying to do right by the customer without fail.

Manny is working to get more young people trained as competent CNC techs. He is training in house, and helps with education costs.
This was a great episode, and I’m quite certain you will enjoy listening!

A project that Manny is following:
American Happiness Project:

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Manny Pasillas - Tech CNC