Justin Yoke – Lifting Specialist

Justin Yoke gets into all kinds of interesting places. Down into a coal mine, on a river, in a manufacturing facility – you never know where. Justin is a lifting specialist who really gets a first-hand look at the problem(s) his customers are trying to solve.

On this episode, I talk with Justin about a few of his adventures working as a frequent on-site lifting specialist. He really gets to see some cool job sites and situations (yeah, I’m a little jealous). We talk about some really heavy lifts, a few close calls, and the closeness Justin has for his clients.

Justin didn’t go to college for this job, but he has had a significant amount of training, and the training is always ongoing. The path that Justin took to get here is like most of us – a little serendipitous. Justin started out humbly, moved into I.T., then inside sales and then into his current rad job.

I’d been connected to Justin for a bit on LinkedIn, and when I was making posts about my new podcast, Justin reached out to me. I was absolutely delighted, as I already had him on a list to contact about being a guest on Blue Collar Voices, so after a bit of chatting, we set it up.

I enjoyed talking to Justin about the people in West Virginia, the economy, his job and requirements and his outlook on life.
You will enjoy this episode, I think. If you DO, please share!

VIDEO – Audio and pictures mix.

I asked Justin for a bunch of pictures, and he was kind enough to send me 49 pictures showing his work, the products, and actual applications. I created a video, mixing both the pictures and the audio from our recording.

Here ya go!

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Justin Yoke - Lifting Specialist