Jacob Guttman CEO of Nail It Handyman

Jacob Guttman, CEO of Nail It Handyman

I talk with Jacob Guttman, CEO of “Nail It Handyman” in this episode of the Blue Collar Voices Show.

Jacob has a serious entrepreneurial perspective, which has resulted in excellent business growth.

We talk mostly about business, marketing, and mindset. This impacts how businesses grow and thrive. The marketing perspective Jacob shared from his successes is valuable, and worth taking the time to listen.

Jacob makes a recommendation for three books:

Jacob talks about the services that Nail It Handyman offers, and how the market demand for this service isn’t being met. The service? Punch lists. Servicing both contractors and homeowners.

Jacob also talks about how he finds and maintains quality employees for Nail It Handyman.

LinkedIn: Jacob Guttman
Email: jacob@nailithandyman.com.
Nail It Handyman website: https://www.nailithandyman.com/.

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Jacob Guttman CEO of Nail It Handyman