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This was a really quick episode. A monologue. Simply a callout out for Craftsmen to interview. Had been a few weeks since my last episode, as I’d been working on a project.

Hello guys, and welcome to the Blue Collar Voices show. It’s been a few weeks since my last episode, as I’d gotten really busy with a project. I had my head down working, and I didn’t get an episode out as I wanted.

My NEXT episode will have a real live guest, back to the usual.

This episode is just a call out.

I’ve got a list of people that are ready to be on the Blue Collar Voices show. And I can’t wait to find out their experiences and share them with you.

However, I am looking for some really unique guests.

I mean, craftsman extraordinaire. The term “Blue Collar” does cast quite a wide net, but one segment I want to ensure I do NOT overlook is that stunning craftsman. Perhaps it is the guy who makes handcrafted furniture, and maybe even uses some of those old techniques from back in the day. Maybe someone else steams wood to produce a unique product. What about a knife maker? And extra points for actually forging the steel. Speaking of forge, do you know a blacksmith that does great work, and has forged his own path? (get it? I love my puns!)

A common concern I hear is regarding both equipment, and the ability to speak well.

Let me assure you both counts.

Today, I used a 5 dollar pair of earbuds, and my phone to record. Just as a proof that it doesn’t take much. Ideally, a high-speed internet connection is available, but is NOT required. As long as the recording is passable, the content is what matters the most.

Let’s talk about speaking well, and being all amazing with the gift of gab. I think I do pretty well, but even I mess up. And after every recording session, I open up the recording in a sound editor to fix issues. Perhaps I garbled what I said at some point, and I had to repeat myself. I take out the garbled part. I had a guest on the show one time that was just getting over being sick. I took out all the coughing and other noises. I’ve edited out sneezes and the (quote) um, you know (end quote) type of things many of us use.

I don’t do this show live, so even if the whole thing was deemed to be a wash and a No Go… there is not anything online.

I have also heard from some that they didn’t think their story was interesting. Let them know, that craftsmanship is so freakin’ interesting. We want to hear!

So if you know of someone, please email me. If YOU are that person, email me. Let’s chat. Let’s share a great story with the world!

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Looking for Craftsmen - Blue Collar Voices