Chris Guidry – Google Adwords Expert

Chris Guidry works extensively with Google Adwords, and on this episode of Blue Collar Voices, he tells us his backstory, how he focused on Google Adwords, and how Google Adwords can make a difference in getting work in the door. Hear real-life examples of how Google Adwords has helped Blue Collar Businesses.

Chris talks a bit about how to approach Adwords and delves into the psychology of thinking about the right keywords. There might be a hundred different reasons for a particular keyword is searched – don’t waste your money paying for clicks when the intention doesn’t match what you provide.

Additionally, Chris talks about the whole chain, of how Google Adwords’ effectiveness is also how your business responds and takes care of the results from the ads.

What are three books that Chris recommends? And even kids can learn how to do this.

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Three Books Recommended by Chris
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Chris Guidry - Google Adwords Expert