Chris Crawford – Owner and Operator of Spring A/C

Chris Crawford is the owner and operator of Spring A/C in Houston, Texas.

Putting to use the skills learned over many decades, Chris operates Spring A/C with an intent to not only serve his customers, but his technicians as well.

In this podcast episode, Chris talks about his experiences from starting work in the family business at a young age, the impact that had on him interacting with his peers in school, to what he learned in the military about management and leadership.

Later, Chris built a division from scratch for an existing plumbing company, and he explains how that also helped him successfully launch his own company, Spring A/C.

Chris and I talk about technology, education, society, career options.

This is a story of hard work and dedication, and also smart strategy.

I hope you enjoy!

Where to find Chris
Phone: (713) 999-6411

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Chris Crawford - Owner and Operator of Spring A/C