Pull Up And Thrive with Stephen Capps

People start their businesses to have more flexibility and time with family, but often, they’re left feeling overwhelmed by insurmountable work, negatively stressed by growing responsibilities, burned out by long days and sleepless nights, and guilty for losing valuable time with family and friends.

My name is Stephen Capps, and I help overwhelmed business owners overcome adversity so they can have the life and business that they want. But that’s not at all where I started. I started with a dream, but that turned into a nightmare pretty fast. I lost my wife to cancer, our largest customer, got remarried, and suffered near financial ruin all in less than a year. I thought working hard work fixed everything, but found out hard work wasn’t enough. In my journey, I made every mistake you can think of in business, but I learned my lessons most of them the hard way. I went from the brink of bankruptcy to debt-free and thriving, and you can too.

I will lay out the nuts and bolts of business in every episode to help you overcome adversity, avoid the crash, and burn so you, too, can have the life and business you want.

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