Jason Maldonado – Relentless Safety – 016

Jason Maldanado has recently published a book about safety titled, “A Practical Guide to the Safety Profession: The Relentless Pursuit”

This book is based on experiences that Jason has had in his career in the safety profession. The actual writing of this book was inspired – almost demanded – by his father.

In this podcast episode, we talk about the experience of writing this book, how Jason got started in the safety profession, the impact his mentor Nick had on him, where Jason is going and what he is launching – and more.

You can also read posts on his website which come out weekly at: https://relentlesssafety.com.

You can buy Jasons book on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/Practical-Guide-Safety-Profession-Relentless-ebook/dp/B07T3FKKNM/



(links directly to the podcast episode)

Hardhat Undercovered

The Accidental Safety Pro

Safety With Purpose: Women In Safety

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Jason Maldonado - Relentless Safety - 016

Chris Crawford – Owner and Operator of Spring A/C – 015

Chris Crawford is the owner and operator of Spring A/C in Houston, Texas.

Putting to use the skills learned over many decades, Chris operates Spring A/C with an intent to not only serve his customers, but his technicians as well.

In this podcast episode, Chris talks about his experiences from starting work in the family business at a young age, the impact that had on him interacting with his peers in school, to what he learned in the military about management and leadership.

Later, Chris built a division from scratch for an existing plumbing company, and he explains how that also helped him successfully launch his own company, Spring A/C.

Chris and I talk about technology, education, society, career options.

This is a story of hard work and dedication, and also smart strategy.

I hope you enjoy!

Where to find Chris
Website: https://www.springbranchac.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpringBranchAC/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/springbranchac/
Phone: (713) 999-6411

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Chris Crawford - Owner and Operator of Spring A/C - 015

Blue Collar Voices Road Trip – 014

Blue Collar Voices ROAD TRIP!

Road Trip you say? Where? Well, ALL over the USA, and even Canada.

Here is the deal. I am building up destination points all over the USA and Canada to visit. It might be just a drive-by where I meet, shake hands, take a picture or two, and then mosey along. Some destinations will be in-person podcasts, video, ride alongs, who knows?

I am open to adventure!

I’ll be traveling on the highways, documenting my journey, running a daily blog, sharing both the sights and sounds ALONG the trip, not only the destination points.


Phase One is to build up destination points. Here is where I need your help. If you ARE someone, or you KNOW someone, connect with me, or help me connect with them.

What I am looking for:

Blue Collar Pros that have excelled.

I’ll share some examples just to give you an idea.

Example 1) You run your own HVAC business, but you started as a tech, worked your way up to launching your own business. One truck or 100, it is all good.
Example 2) You run your own shop, crafting, perhaps even forging iron and steel.
Example 3) You run a diesel mechanic shop, working on whatever your specialty is. Could be Semi’s, could be Heavy Equipment, whatever.
Example 4) You’ve built your ranch. You could be located in the outback of Montana, or have a city crowding you.
Example 5) You drydock boats, clean them and paint them. Could be in Alaska, could be in Florida.
Example 6) You carve handcrafted wood pieces – perhaps with fine detail, maybe it is with a chainsaw.


NO! But it does have to present something interesting, and worthwhile to listeners and watchers.

You might be a guy that has been showing up, framing houses for 30 years, but all you do is just show up and frame. I respect your work ethic, but the story doesn’t have a lot of meat to it.

Check out the page where I will be adding locations. As far north as Alaska, Canada, Nova Scotia, Washington State, Florida, Maine…. ALL OVER!

I’ll be updating this, and if YOU would like to be a destination point – SHOUT AT ME!!

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Blue Collar Voices Road Trip - 014

Six Upcoming Guests – 013

Six upcoming guests on the Blue Collar Voices show.

They are, in no particular order:

Chris Crawford – owner of Spring Branch A/C in Houston, Texas.
Marc LeConte – Owner / General Manager at High Quality Home Maintenance.
Trent Hendricks – A rancher that appreciates the earth.
Jake Galloway – Owner at Wyoming Custom Cabinets.
Ryan Roeder – Owner at Reclaimed and Restained Woodworking
Jason A. Maldonado CSP, SMS – Author / Hands-On Safety Professional.

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Six Upcoming Guests - 013

Three Recommended Podcasts – 012

Hey Guys, today, I have three podcasts to recommend for you, that I think are informative, entertaining, and are just “well worth” the listen. And of course, check the show notes for links to these podcasts. These are also Blue Collar podcasts, and I definitely enjoy them – I’m betting that you will as well.

The first one is: “The Roofer Show” with Dave Sullivan.

Of the three I am listing today, Dave’s show is the one I subscribed to first, and quite some time ago. I don’t listen to every single episode, but the ones that are relevant to me, or just seem interesting, are always great. Dave has lots of great guests, who bring specific and worthy knowledge. His focus is to improve your business, but more specifically your roofing business. HOWEVER, so much of the information he provides is greater than roofing, greater than contracting, greater than Blue Collar. It is about not always the specifics to Roofing, but so much of the time transcends into business in general. I learn, EVERY SINGLE TIME I listen!

The Second podcast I recommend is “The Tim Faller Show“. I only recently found this podcast, but it is certainly entertaining. The focus is mostly remodeling and touches on how contractors operate. A few of the notable episodes I really enjoyed are:

Episode 61 – Tim talks to David Gerstel who has been in the construction business for over 50 years. They talk a little about the changes in the industry, a little reminiscing, the labor shortage, technology – a really fun episode.
Episode 44 – I was pretty stoked about this episode. Guest Kevin O’Connor from “This Old House” came on and they talked a lot about the show. Those characters on “This Old House”? STILL KICKING IT!!! This episode went by way too quickly. If you like “This Old House”, you will like this episode.
Episode 54 – This episode on “The Time Faller Show” talked about the labor shortage, and keeping Long-Term employees. Certainly an awesome episode.

I’ll be listening to more of the old episodes as I have time. Lately, though, I have been listening to my third Blue Collar podcast recommendation.

SO, my third podcast recommendation is absolutely fantastic. The name is, “Blue-Collar Leadership“, by Mack Story. I found this podcast simply by happenstance, as I was searching podcasts with the search time “Blue Collar”. I subscribed to this podcast and did not listen for months and months. One day back a couple of weeks, I was driving down the road, and debating what podcast to listen to next. (I listen to a LOT of podcasts). So, I selected the most recent at the time (Episode 137, 8-9-19, “Make it happen: Leaders get results, managers plan to get results”.

I was absolutely blown away by the quality, aspect and the content.

Side note: Mack Story claims to speak two languages. English and Country. He is absolutely correct on both counts. The man is COUNTRY!! 🙂

SO, I decided to start from the beginning. I absolutely guarantee that this podcast is worth your time. The perspective on leadership, but more narrowed down to Blue Collar leadership is spot on. There is all kinds of other goodness in every episode as well. Mack talks about his story and journey and has moved from just a worker bee to a speaker, trainer, educator, motivator.

Mack talks about how to influence people, how to get ahead at work, how to improve yourself – all the while showing respect, dedication and support for the Blue Collar ethos.

His tag line which is pretty cool is, “Make it happen or someone else will. It might as well be YOU!”

He has also written a bunch of books on various sub-categories, and also is sharing some really cool guests.

I’m absolutely certain you will enjoy and relish this podcast. After all, although most of his podcasts are very short, in just a few weeks I’m now on episode 122.

I could go on and on, but you will need to discover all of this yourself.

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Three Recommended Podcasts - 012

Chris Guidry – Google Adwords Expert – 011

Chris Guidry works extensively with Google Adwords, and on this episode of Blue Collar Voices, he tells us his backstory, how he focused on Google Adwords, and how Google Adwords can make a difference in getting work in the door. Hear real-life examples of how Google Adwords has helped Blue Collar Businesses.

Chris talks a bit about how to approach Adwords and delves into the psychology of thinking about the right keywords. There might be a hundred different reasons for a particular keyword is searched – don’t waste your money paying for clicks when the intention doesn’t match what you provide.

Additionally, Chris talks about the whole chain, of how Google Adwords’ effectiveness is also how your business responds and takes care of the results from the ads.

What are three books that Chris recommends? And even kids can learn how to do this.

Contact Chris
Phone: 817-723-6754
Email: chris@sefreagency.com
Website: https://sefreagency.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisguidry/
Books Discussed on Show

Three Books Recommended by Chris
(all links below to Amazon)


The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Chris Guidry - Google Adwords Expert - 011

Manny Pasillas – Tech CNC – 010

Manny Pasillas is a CNC Service Engineering Consultant, and doing so as owner and operator of Tech CNC.

The short version of the offered services is: Certified: CNC Service and Repair. On-Site Contract. Process Engineering Improvement Consulting. Spindle Rebuilds. Regional or World Wide Company Relocation Specialist. Company Restructuring Consultant. Sales.

Manny messaged me on LinkedIn about being a guest on Blue Collar Voices. We subsequently chatted briefly over the phone. I found him to be a great candidate for the show, with an excellent story – and fits the Blue Collar ethos very well.

During the recording of the show, I got to learn about what Manny does, I learned his back story of how he got involved with CNC machines – and he talked a bit about managing a LOT of CNC Machines overseas.

The philosophy that Manny has is one of very hard work, honesty, and trying to do right by the customer without fail.

Manny is working to get more young people trained as competent CNC techs. He is training in house, and helps with education costs.
This was a great episode, and I’m quite certain you will enjoy listening!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/manny-p-9b20448/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/An-ec-dotes-For-Living-397142130738155/
A project that Manny is following:
American Happiness Project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1655781148/american-happiness-documentary

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Manny Pasillas - Tech CNC - 010

Looking for Craftsmen – Blue Collar Voices – 009

This was a really quick episode. A monologue. Simply a callout out for Craftsmen to interview. Had been a few weeks since my last episode, as I’d been working on a project.

Hello guys, and welcome to the Blue Collar Voices show. It’s been a few weeks since my last episode, as I’d gotten really busy with a project. I had my head down working, and I didn’t get an episode out as I wanted.

My NEXT episode will have a real live guest, back to the usual.

This episode is just a call out.

I’ve got a list of people that are ready to be on the Blue Collar Voices show. And I can’t wait to find out their experiences and share them with you.

However, I am looking for some really unique guests.

I mean, craftsman extraordinaire. The term “Blue Collar” does cast quite a wide net, but one segment I want to ensure I do NOT overlook is that stunning craftsman. Perhaps it is the guy who makes handcrafted furniture, and maybe even uses some of those old techniques from back in the day. Maybe someone else steams wood to produce a unique product. What about a knife maker? And extra points for actually forging the steel. Speaking of forge, do you know a blacksmith that does great work, and has forged his own path? (get it? I love my puns!)

A common concern I hear is regarding both equipment, and the ability to speak well.

Let me assure you both counts.

Today, I used a 5 dollar pair of earbuds, and my phone to record. Just as a proof that it doesn’t take much. Ideally, a high-speed internet connection is available, but is NOT required. As long as the recording is passable, the content is what matters the most.

Let’s talk about speaking well, and being all amazing with the gift of gab. I think I do pretty well, but even I mess up. And after every recording session, I open up the recording in a sound editor to fix issues. Perhaps I garbled what I said at some point, and I had to repeat myself. I take out the garbled part. I had a guest on the show one time that was just getting over being sick. I took out all the coughing and other noises. I’ve edited out sneezes and the (quote) um, you know (end quote) type of things many of us use.

I don’t do this show live, so even if the whole thing was deemed to be a wash and a No Go… there is not anything online.

I have also heard from some that they didn’t think their story was interesting. Let them know, that craftsmanship is so freakin’ interesting. We want to hear!

So if you know of someone, please email me. If YOU are that person, email me. Let’s chat. Let’s share a great story with the world!

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Looking for Craftsmen - Blue Collar Voices - 009

Robert Chickey – Wood Finish Consultant – 008

Robert Chickey is a wood finishing expert. Not your typical expert, either. Roberts’ specialty is solving seemingly impossible wood finishing issues.

But. With a twist.

Robert Chickey is a student of wood finishing from not only today but all the way back 300+ years ago.

Robert knows how to duplicate the finishing effects the way they were done historically, with organic methods. And he has invented a few along the way.

A common theme in our talk is “Reactive Color”.

Oh, he is an expert in wood, too!

Like every single guest I’ve spoken with so far, I met Robert on LinkedIn. We were already connected, and I sent him a request. He was immediately interested. We chatted a bit, and it was a GO.

This episode is by far the longest. The time seemed to fly, which is always a great sign. We talked about wood finishing, how Robert got into this particular niche.

We discussed the efforts required to ascertain this knowledge. We even got into personal rules for life.

The amount of knowledge that Robert has on this topic is extensive.

Hearing about it, and his path of discovery was very enjoyable.

I’m betting you will, too.

Click. Listen. Make your day better!


This picture represents a project for a church built in 1888 where the carving and surrounding woodwork was damaged. The carving repair was spliced in and we had to restore the adjoining edge and seamlessly blend the new woodwork into the existing.


This is an example of Robert Chickeys’ “reactive finish”. Totally Black but transparent.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bespoke-finish/
Website: https://www.bespoke-finish.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bespokefinish/

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Robert Chickey - Wood Finish Consultant - 008

Justin Yoke – Lifting Specialist – 007

January 4, 2019
Justin Yoke gets into all kinds of interesting places. Down into a coal mine, on a river, in a manufacturing facility – you never know where. Justin is a lifting specialist who really gets a first-hand look at the problem(s) his customers are trying to solve.

On this episode, I talk with Justin about a few of his adventures working as a frequent on-site lifting specialist. He really gets to see some cool job sites and situations (yeah, I’m a little jealous). We talk about some really heavy lifts, a few close calls, and the closeness Justin has for his clients.

Justin didn’t go to college for this job, but he has had a significant amount of training, and the training is always ongoing. The path that Justin took to get here is like most of us – a little serendipitous. Justin started out humbly, moved into I.T., then inside sales and then into his current rad job.

I’d been connected to Justin for a bit on LinkedIn, and when I was making posts about my new podcast, Justin reached out to me. I was absolutely delighted, as I already had him on a list to contact about being a guest on Blue Collar Voices, so after a bit of chatting, we set it up.

I enjoyed talking to Justin about the people in West Virginia, the economy, his job and requirements and his outlook on life.
You will enjoy this episode, I think. If you DO, please share!

VIDEO – Audio and pictures mix.

I asked Justin for a bunch of pictures, and he was kind enough to send me 49 pictures showing his work, the products, and actual applications. I created a video, mixing both the pictures and the audio from our recording.
Here ya go!

The Blue Collar Voices Show
The Blue Collar Voices Show
Justin Yoke - Lifting Specialist - 007