Stephen Capps

Stephen has overcome insurmountable odds in his life and business. From losing his wife Lisa to cancer, and losing a customer that was ⅓ of their business all in a 10 month period, then to remarry, face near financial ruin, then struggle with infertility for 9 years with his new bride Sarah, he’s had his share of hardships.

In spite of these difficulties, Stephen has risen from the ashes with his wife Sarah and their beautiful twin girls by his side. After staying the course, they are now debt-free and thriving.

Stephen’s message is, “I overcame against all odds and you can too. Don’t let failure, hardship, or misfortune define you, instead use it as fuel for your life“.

Stephen has always shared his message of faith, staying the course, and putting in the work to anyone who would listen. He continues to encourage and re-energize others through his Pull Up and Thrive Podcast, and public speaking (virtual and in-person).

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