Mack Story

Mack Story began his career in manufacturing on the front lines of a production machine shop in 1988. He grew himself into upper management and found his niche in Lean manufacturing and, along with it, developed his passion for leadership while leading leaders and their teams through over 11,000 hours of process improvement, organizational change, and cultural transformation.

Mack has written a number of books, has a podcast, does leadership training.

Mack is the author of 14 books: 10 Values of High Impact LeadersBlue-Collar LeadershipMaximize Your Potential, Blue-Collar Leadership & CultureBlue-Collar Leadership & SupervisionMaximize Your Leadership PotentialBlue-Collar KaizenBlue-Collar Leadership & Teamwork  Blue-Collar Leadership Toolbox Tips,  Defining InfluenceChange HappensPHOENIX, Who’s Buying You?, and 10 Foundational Elements of Intentional Transformation.

Through his books, speaking, and his global network, Mack is an inspiration for people everywhere as an example of achievement, growth, and personal development.

See his show page here: Blue-Collar Leadership.

Podcasts where Mack was a guest:

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