Joseph Lucanie

Joseph Lucanie is an Electrical Service Specialist. He’s a loving father and husband and is Master Electrician with a big vision for 3 things: Family, Service, & Sales.

He co-founded his last electrical business at the age of 22, led his team with a consistent 80% close ratio, and successfully exited his business by 30 with the goal of becoming one of the best Electrical Service & Sales trainers in North America.

As a master electrician with over 16 years of field experience, his goal is to provide genuine and impactful mentorship to all under care, with a particular emphasis on electricians who are trying to grow their own businesses. Understanding the struggles and the particular nature of operating as an electrician is one of the many reasons why his style of training is both unique and effective.

Joseph cohosts a podcast with Clay Neumeyer.

See the show page for Joseph and Clay here: Electricpreneur Secrets.

Podcasts where Joseph was a guest:

Episode 140: Secrets for Electricians ONLY – Waste No Day