Jason Phillips

Jason Phillips is CEO and President of Phillips Home Improvements, and renewing homes is his passion. While his career began humbly, Jason quickly identified opportunities to improve the customer service and quality of workmanship that homeowners were receiving industry-wide and resolved to provide a WOW experience.

Jason is not a painter, himself, he is a pure businessman. However, he has a deep understanding of business, sales and marketing and how it relates to Blue Collar

Phillips’ passion for helping people goes beyond their homes. He is zealous to see others step into the abundant life to which Jesus called them; and this mindset informs all his endeavors, from the painting business he founded 23 years ago, with its newest iteration including roofing, gutters, siding, replacement windows, and home sanitizing to his newest endeavor, helping other business owners run their companies according to Kingdom principles. All of this with the goal that owners might regain hard-earned wealth, time, and freedom, and thus increase margin in their lives to serve others in their respective spheres of influence.

Brief backstory (Cliff notes!)

Jason was in debt. Working for a company that wasn’t paying him and wasn’t running right.

Taking groceries from parents to feed kids/family

Bought some card stock. Printed flyers / business cards.

Knocked on 300 doors. Out of those, sold four jobs.

Bought a power washer. Contracted a crew that had their own equipment.

Trading time for money. Working 7 days a week, 16 hour days.

Ended up in place he calls Contractor Prison

One night working late, he heard the song “Cat’s in the cradle” by Harry Chapin.

Synopsis of this song from Songfacts:

Over time, both father and son grow into a switching of life roles. The father realizes his son’s ambitions of college, grades, and driving, and wants to spend more time with him, yet slowly grasps the reality that now his son has no time for such things. In the last verse, Chapin illustrates that the son is all grown up with a fast-paced job and kids of his own. In a glaring twist of roles, we see that the son now has no time to spend with his father. With a heavy heart, dad realizes that his boy has become just like him.”

Jason had to make a change.

He ultimately wiped the business, and rebuilt it right.

He had time and money, but not peace of mind.

Jason felt his business was fragile because he did not have a foundation of trust with his team.

His team was working on their own visions, not Jasons vision.

An example of one issue: Jason had 18 to 20 sales reps that would all have their own slightly different way of pricing painting projects.

This state (many, many indicators) is what Jason calls “Contractor Prison”.

Jasons perspective is that business owners are in the “People Business”.

Jason has continued to build his business, expand into new areas, using the lessons learned.

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