Eric Triplett

A Note From The Pond Diggger:

“I just blink an eye and another year goes by and as I look back and think about the earth we have moved as a company building waters features and the accomplishments we’ve made over the last decade, I have to smile and think back 20 years ago. I was a young man and I left my respectable, well paying job as a journeyman carpenter to chase my dreams.

I’m here to tell you, dreams do come true if you take the time to outline them, roll up your sleeves and go for it. But then again, I’m the kind of guy that slides into second base headfirst even when I’m losing 10 to nothing. All the way, everyday, No Holds Barred!

I love building waterscapes, pondless waterfalls, ponds and streams, and I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to wake up every morning and do what I love to do because I rolled up my sleeves 20 years ago and chased my dreams.” As I finish writing our organizations profile listening to one of my favorite songs by Edwin McCain, I Could Not Ask For More, our accomplishments really hit home.

Make no mistake about it; I have a special place in my heart for all of my customers, clients, and friends, who believed in my sometimes crazy but always passionate ideas! I have become The Pond Digger and a true businessman, by simply chasing my dreams. Take my advice; Work hard, laugh often, one day try sliding into second base headfirst, but take the time to stop to smell the roses and whatever you do, follow your dreams.”

See his show page here: The Pond Digger.

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