Andrew Powell

In 2016, I knew I had to make a decision soon on whether or not to make a lateral move to another door company to take the plunge and start my own from scratch.

In Feb of 2017, I filed for my LLC while working for the other company and spent the next year learning everything I could and working every weekend and evening on building my name up.

Finally, in March of 2018, I made the leap with both feet.

That first year was awful. Especially the first winter. However, I joined a referral group that year and met so many small business owners that were going through the same struggles. I do credit these folks in helping me get to where I am today.

I was slowly building and growing until 2020 hit. The pandemic. This was the start of an insane ride that is still going on today. We doubled revenue in 2020. Doubled again here in 2021.

I hired my first technician in the summer of 2020, hired my second in the winter of 2021, and just hired an office admin this fall.

We are currently gearing up and preparing for some insane goals for 2022. Those companies and people that I’ve hired this year are on board with assisting in these goals and just as excited and anxious as I am about our future. Without these people and the thousands of customers that support us, we wouldn’t be poised to change the look of our industry in the near future in Kansas City.

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